BMX is Fun & Affordable

Good news!…BMX does not require a large investment.

With just a few modifications to the bike you already have you’re ready to ride!

Every rider is required to wear:

  • a properly fitting helmet (full face protection preferred)
  • long pants
  • long-sleeved shirt (coverage to at least elbows) or short sleeves w/elbow pads
  • shoes that completely enclose the foot
  • The bicycle should be in good working order with:
  • all chain guards, pegs, reflectors, and kickstands removed
  • a working brake system (hand rear brake or coaster brake is acceptable)
  • Handlebar end plugs (no exposed metal on the end of handlebars)
  • wheel diameter no less than 16 inches (in order to get up & over obstacles)


What does it cost to ride the track?

PRACTICE NIGHT – $7.00 per rider

Practice sessions are hosted by Pearland BMX to introduce the sport of BMX to our community at a very low cost. Riders must have an active USA BMX membership to participate and that information is provided below.

RACE NIGHT (single points) – $15.00 per rider (practice included)

Since our competition events are sanctioned by the USA BMX, membership is required for riders who sign up to compete or practice. If you’d like to participate in a race event, you can sign up for a USA BMX membership at the track!

How much is a USA BMX membership?

One-Day Trial USA BMX Membership – FREE

USA BMX offers a “one day, one time only” membership which allows a rider to check out BMX for the first time while assuring that the rider is properly insured.

Annual USA BMX Membership – $80.00 For The First Member

This membership is valid at any of the 370 USA BMX-sanctioned tracks nationwide. You can join at any time since the membership starts the day you join. Annual members receive a complete membership kit – number plate, membership card, and a USA BMX rulebook. In addition, the racer will receive 10 issues of USA BMX’s PULL Magazine – packed with news, current race coverage, and rider interviews. It keeps every USA BMX rider up-to-date on all events, races, and member benefits. In each issue, listed under the racer’s district and name will be his/her current points and ranking. To top it all off, the rider is insured with secondary medical insurance.

When looking for fun things to do in Houston this weekend, head on over to Pearland BMX. It’s fun for the whole family.


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